June 2017 Q&A - Part 3 of 3

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4y Jun 24, 2017

Part 3 of 3 Timestamps:

Modern Discussions
What platform do you think will have the next big innovation, rifles or handguns? What do you believe is the biggest flaw in each platform?

London J
I've asked this a couple times, still interested: what are your opinions on hyper burst (SPIW, duplex, AN94, etc) and counter recoil (AN94 sorta, AK107, AEK971, etc) systems? Could they have a place in civilian centered firearms? Keep on being great, guys!

Martin B
Hi. Thank you for making the most awesome content on youtube. I have a question about modern infantry rifles and their operating mechanisms. As far as I know, all infantry rifles developed the last few decades use a gas piston system, either long or short stroke piston. Why don't we see any newly developed delayed blowback rifles? And why no new direct gas impingement like the AR? All the more recent developments like the HK416 and SCAR seem to be short stroke gas piston . The G3 and MP5 were very successful. Is there something that makes delayed blowback inferior or undesirable in a modern infantry rifle?

Serge S
I'd like to know your stance on fixed magnification optics as primary issue to combat troops. I was a big fan of the Trijicon ACOGs that the USMC issued to all Marines and even today run one on my 14.5" carbine setup. I know you guys have brought up 2.5x vs 4x vs other magnifications, but what is your rationale to sticking to the lower end of the magnification range given that (in my experience) even 4x is not quite enough to reliably engage human sized target at 600 meters under field conditions? In a related question, what is your take on the Bindon aiming concept

Jeremy J
My question is about rifle camouflage. During the recent wars, the US decided to allow soldiers to spray paint their rifles for better camouflage in the field. Additionally, some rifles that the military purchased came from the factory coated in camo colors. Do you think spray painting will continue for wars to come, or will the US and other countries settle on some new type of coating?

Matthew K
Per your "Is a PGO shotgun the ultimate home defense weapon?" video, I've been thinking. Since the double-barreled coach gun performed so well in everything but reloads, do you think the Chiappa Triple Threat may actually be the best home-defense shotgun out there? It has all the simplicity of a coach gun but with three barrels, well, you're covered in the event of three assailants rather than two.

General WW2
Joe S
If you had the choice between being placed in the Pacific Theater or European Theater during WWII, which would you pick and why? Also what rifle and pistol combination would you choose from the era and just for fun what combination would you choose from present day?

Michael W
You guys have talked before about how the eastern front of world war 2 was cataclysmic, I think to quote Karl. Your old west vignettes are great videos, I know that traveling to the locations is likely out of the question, but is there any plans or any way in the future that you guys can cover clashes or large battles on the eastern front?

Ed M
Ik, this is a late question, so this is optional. But, what do you guys think about that show "Weapons Hunter"? I have mixed opinions on the show, but I am fairly impressed that the guy recreated the Stinger LMG.

(Long rant about mass media and TV shows in general here)

e Rac
Have you tried "Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades" on your Vive? If so, what do you think? If not, I would strongly recommend it.

Adam W
I really enjoyed the faxon Q & A series. Have or would you guys consider doing something similar, with someone in the night vision and thermal industry? I think it would be very informative and interesting. Thanks for all of the great content.

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