Rocket SLAP - Dart Drop

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11m Oct 23, 2020

Today we are hosting a low powered, 100fps cap "Family Friendly" event. These low powered events allow younger and new members of the hobby to join in the fun without being wrecked by highly modified gear. It also gives people a chance to use low-powered but fun blasters.

Today's match is called "Dart Drop" and the rules are simple, two teams try to fill up a small box near the opposing team spawn with as many darts, ball rockets as possible. The team that put the most ammo in wins.

All ammo must be fired from a blaster and cannot be just dropped in. Ammo that bounces out does not count.

Jim and I are working together and Alison is on the opposite team.

I'm using my 3s Stampede, Jim is using his classic rocket Titan with a built-in hand pump and Alison is using her stock Perses.

If you would like to donate to our PayPal or contact me the address is: theministryoffoam@gmail.com

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