Historical Shooting Vs Reenacting

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5y Jun 7, 2016

We do a lot of videos on InRange involving not just historical firearms but a lot of historical gear and accessories as well. There's a difference between reenacting and historical competitive shooting, and we have different goals than that of an actual reenactor. Reenacting is a very valuable asset for the preservation of history, having people around that know the intricacies required to do that properly means we won't necessarily loose that experience or knowledge.

However, we believe that same knowledge is important to shooting and we blend those worlds together to garner a better understanding of the realities of using these guns and gear "under stress" at competitions. Since this isn't exactly reenacting, and it's not exactly competitive against modern gear, it confuses some folks - this video intends to clarify the goals and intentions of what we're doing.


Video about the VW 181:

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