5 Knockout BOXING Combos I I Used THESE IN MY FIGHTS

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9m Sep 13, 2020

There were 5 Knockout BOXING Combos I relied o when attempting to end fights early during my amateur boxing career. I don't talk about my boxing career much but 90 percent of my fights ended in a knockout or stoppage. Personally I prefer to use these combos when working the heavy bag, shadow boxing or working pads.

5 Knockout BOXING Combos are:

Number Combo Action
1 2-3-2 cross-left hook-cross-shift left to finish
2 2-BODY up top set up, cross-body---3-6 to finish
3 3-4-Body x 2 left hook-right hook x 2, 6-3 to finish
4 DL-3-2-counter counter off a missed cross, duck left-Left b, Hook-cross)
5 Snap back off the ropes, 1-2B or 1-8 jab-cross body--jab overhand right

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