9-Axis IMU LESSON 9: Accurate and Stable Tilt Using Accelerometers, Gyros and a Complimentary Filter

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1y Oct 10, 2019

In this lesson we show you how to achieve a stable and responsive approximation of tilt (pitch and roll) using a three axis accelerometers and 3 axis gyros, and combining, or fusing the data using a complimentary filter. In effect we are applying a high pass filter to the gyro data, and a low pass filter to the acceleromter. The result is data which is both responsive, not subject to long term drift, and not as susceptible to vibration.

Adafruit BNO055 IMU Sensor:


I strongly suggest picking up an arduino nano, since it can plug directly into the breadboard, making a portable system more practical. You can pick one up here:


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