Connect to Deceased Loved Ones w/Chris Lippincott

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2m Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to another podcast episode of Merkaba Chakras. I’m your host, Von Galt. Today, we talk to author and medium, Christ Lippincott. Chris spend his whole life communicating with loved ones in the spirit realms and helps people heal with the messages he gets for them. Now, he is teaching people worldwide how to directly communicate with your deceased loved ones now. Chris, welcome to Merkaba Chakras!

Video interview here as well:


  1. Before we dig into your work. Can you tell us your story for how you got into this work?
  2. As a medium for messages from loved ones on the spirit realms, what does it feel like to get these messages?
  3. Are some of the ways these messages are conveyed through images, words, and last but not least an undeniable experience?
  4. Please explain what Synchronicity is and how can we all use it to guide our lives?
  5. In Buddhism, we are energy 1st and then we create our reality based on our decisions and actions about it, which directs us into a reality that matches our frequency. How can people use the messages they get from deceased loved ones to make the highest decision for themselves?
  6. Tell us some of your most profound cases you worked with? Do you have some incredible cases from your students?
  7. What can people expect to learn in the mediumship courses your staff offers both online and in-person?
  8. Will you be offering workshops at various retreats or vacation packages with your students?
  9. Do you have a last message for the builders of the 5th dimension Earth?

For more information about Chris Lippincott’s books, offerings, and courses, please visit his website: https://montclairmedium.com/

To learn more about Von Galt's metaphysical work, visit my website below.

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