Flavor, Terpenes and The Vape Life with DAVINCI Vaporizers - #RaiseYourIQ

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3y Feb 14, 2018

https://www.davincivaporizer.com - It's all about the flavor, right? Find out how the DaVinci IQ can show you the difference in flavor output than the competition.

When it comes to flavor, you want the best, and for us here at DAVINCI, it's something we take very seriously. Also, we know the magic happens when herbs are heated into vapor. This creates a huge spectrum of flavors and aromas.

You'll have fun experimenting with different temperatures to vape your herbs at. We know that preserving terpenes from herbs can be delicate process and some of you may be wondering, what are terpenes anyway?

Terpenes are compounds found in most plants and it gives plants their unique flavor and smell. Be careful though, some herb compounds are sensitive to heat and will be quickly destroyed at higher temperatures. With the right control, the result is the experience of intense flavor.

Boost your next session into a flavorful nirvana, with purity in mind and we promise to deliver unprecedented levels of flavor and aromas. So you're thinking of doing healthier and smarter choices this 2018, right? Well, ask yourself, how do you #RaiseYourIQ?


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