The Hittites: Excellent Presentation

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2y Jul 1, 2019

1700 - 1200 BCE - The first Indo-Europeans documented arrived in Anatolia and completely changed the face of the Near East, even going toe to toe with the mighty Egyptians, as well as the revived Assyrians.

In this episode The History of the World Podcast dives into the rise and fall of the Hittite civilization and empire. Covering a variety of aspects ranging from language to military history we are given a great overview of one of the greatest empires of the Bronze Age. We see its rise and eventual fall as the Sea Peoples arrive and Assyria expands.

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Attribution: The Ancient Middle East: Every Year
https://youtu.be/4TXzW4nF7fU by Ollie Bye

End of Civilization - Bronze Age Collapse - (1250BC-1000BC)
https://youtu.be/0RaiuOMDO8I by Ancient Mapper

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