History of the Inquisition of Spain: Volume 4, Part 5 Complete Audio Book By Henry Charles Lea

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3y Oct 31, 2017

The Spanish Inquisition was one of the most feared institutions in Western history. Set up by the Roman Catholic church to supress heresy, it operated in France, Italy, Spain, and the Holy Roman Empire, and was later extended to the Americas. Trials were held in secret, torture was common, and penalties ranged from simple fines and flogging to death by burning. Lea's majestrial study remains one of the most detailed and comprehensive accounts ever published. It continues to be an essential source for scholars of the Inquisition and medieval Spain.


Book 1: Origin and Establishment

Chapter 1: The Castilian Monarchy

Chapter 2: The Jews and the Moors

Chapter 3: The Jews and the Conversos

Chapter 4: Establishment of the Inquisition

Chapter 5: The Kingdoms of Aragon

Book 2: Relations with the State

Chapter 1: Relations with the Crown

Chapter 2: Supereminence

Chapter 3: Privileges and Exemptions

Chapter 4: Conflicting Jurisdictions

Chapter 5: Popular Hostility

List of Tribunals

List of Inquisitors-General

Spanish Coinage


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