Viking Origins | The Genetic History of Northern Europe

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2m Jul 17, 2021

In this episode we are joined by Geneticist Razib Khan who takes us through the Genetic DNA history of Northern Europe.

We begin in prehistoric Scandinavia as we see the arrivals of the first peoples from various places and we see various migrations some of which are coming from Southern Europe that eventually replace the original Hunter Gatherers. We talk about historiography and archaeology and how their views have changed on the subject of Northern Europeans and their origins.

We eventually leave the prehistoric culture after discussing the Battle Axe culture and the controversy surrounding them and we approach the Nordic Bronze and Iron Age period in Northern Europe and we discuss various migrations and cultures that migrate in, supplant and absorb these preexisting peoples and cultures.

What role did Anatolian migrations have in early Northern Europe? Who were the original hunter gatherers? What impact did the arrival of Indo Europeans have on the original inhabitants?

Eventually we approach the Medieval world and we talk about the medieval populations of Northern Europe and then the Vikings and whether or not these travels and ventures surrounding piracy have an impact on DNA in Northern Europe and in the places they settled such as Ireland, Scotland, England and etc.

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