Fallout 4 Survival: My Super Cool Power Armor & Automatron!

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4y Oct 24, 2016

Hey guys! What's up! For those who are following my fallout 4 survival journey, I would just like to inform you that from now on, I'll be posting the highlights of my fallout 4 survival adventures.

Therefore, I won't be adding any boring stuff in this series like the minutemen quests! Man those quests was soo frustrating!

So for my first post, I will be showcasing you the coolest power armor I have at the moment, and the most OP Automatron I have build. Take note that I did not do the Far Harbor, Vault Tec Workshop and Nuka World DLC yet and, there might be changes that I will add to my power armor and automatron later.

Lastly, for those who are wondering how and where did I get the parts for my power armor and automatron, I will have a detailed guide about that and I will just post the link, right in the description of this video later.

For now, I hope you enjoy my video showcasing how I wreak havoc in the Forged Raider Gang hideout and get the legendary Shishkebab!

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