Silver Price Isn’t Changing, The Dollar’s Losing Value

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11m Aug 12, 2020

A lot of financial market commentators have talked about how the silver price has been rising recently.

Although is it possible that a more helpful way of thinking about the situation, is that it's not the silver price that's changing, but the value of the dollar that's declining.

Scott Craig of The Silver Independent joined me on the show to discuss the topic, as well as the other recent developments in the silver market.

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Bandalar @bandalar 11m 11 months ago

If only the price of the dollar is changing, you might expect the price of everything else to change at the same rate. Besides - did the dollar quadruple in value between 2011 and 2019? I don't think so. The price of silver is certainly changing, and it's headed higher!

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Bandalar @bandalar 11m 11 months ago

Not that the dollar losing value isn't playing a major role. However, the fact is that prices and debts are denominated in dollars, and the value of the dollar is much more stable over time than the value of most commodities - including silver.

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