How To Remove & Prevent A Jammed Bowl in Your Ascent Vaporizer

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6y Nov 26, 2014

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - In this video, we show you how you can remove and prevent a jammed bowl in your Ascent vaporizer. This typically doesn't happen but sometimes it will.

So let's go over on how to dislodge the bottom glass stem. This happens when you are inserting the glass piece on top with the bowl close. All you have to do to remedy this is to get a toothpick or anything metal, plastic or wooden, which is similar to a toothpick. Then through the grill on the bottom of your Ascent vaporizer, you will find four holes. Gently insert and push it in there which will push the glass stem out of the bowl, then gently check if the bowl is dislodged.

Once you realize that it is, you can open it. From here you want to make sure that it's flushed and it opens and closes securely. To prevent jamming your bowl in the future, always have your bowl open when you insert your glass stem that way you can check it and make sure it is flushed.

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