Barrett Jackson 2021 and We Ride in the New 702 HP Hellcat-Powered Ram TRX

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2w Mar 31, 2021

We're at Barrett-Jackson 2021 and it's amazing! We got to ride on an off-road race course with a 2021 Ram TRX and oh man was it amazing! You know we have a 600 horsepower supercharged Ford Raptor here on the channel, but this TRX with its 702 horsepower gives our Raptor a serious run for its money! Barrett-Jackson is an incredible event and goes far beyond the auction floor. It's a combination auction, car show and manufacturer showcase and it's incredible. We'll take you around and show you some of our favorite cars, we'll check out the Chargers, Mustangs and Corvettes drifting and running the circuit, and finally, we'll take that ride in the incredible Hellcat-powered TRX! Come along and enjoy Barrett-Jackson 2021 with us!
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