Fantik X8 Tire Inflator Review

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2m Oct 28, 2021

Fantik X8 Tire Inflator Review, so when Fantik approached me for this paid review, I immediately said no, anybody that knows me knows, I don't take sponsors lightly, and those of you that have been around this channel a minute can vouch for that. But they went ahead and sent me the product, and we agreed, that if the Fantikk X8 Tire Inflator preformed as advertised I would do a video.

What happened (You can't make this stuff up), is while on the way to another car shoot, I had a flat, and opportunity to test Fantik X8 Tire Inflator live.

You know what, the damn thing works!

If you're interested here's the product link; I never in my life thought I'd need a portable Tire inflator but the damn thing is in my truck now!

Product Link


Link:www.gizmoclubs.com/s/fanttik (will give you product link next Tuesday)

Hashtag: #Fanttik #X8 Apex tire inflator # automobile accessory #gadgets

#X8Apextire inflator #automobileaccessory

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