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1m Sep 17, 2021

In HBO’s classic mob drama The Sopranos, New Jersey Tony Soprano navigates his way through the criminal underworld attempting to avoid landing himself in jail or ending up as a statistic with a bullet hole in his head.

Season 6 makes it clear that Tony’s world is collapsing around him, that it’s crashing down and his run in the mob is coming to an end. Whether you believe Tony was killed in the diner in the show’s final scene or not, the fact is Tony is finished either way. He has far too many enemies who would like his head on a pike, most of his close associates are dead, and crucially, his captain Carlo Gervasi has flipped on him, meaning all of this either ends with death or a lengthy spell in prison for Tony Soprano.

Carlo is a capo of the DiMeo family who was promoted to the position after the death of Jimmy Altieri in season 1 who ends up flipping in season 6. So why did Carlo flip anyway? Well, the ostensible reason is made clear in the show – it’s revealed that his son is picked up by the FBI for drug dealing, so in order to keep his boy out of jail, Carlo flips and gives evidence to the state. And that’s it – pretty simple.

However, I believe there’s a lot more to Carlo flipping, or at least, other elements which pushed him to do so, namely his lack of believe in Tony’s leadership, shown by subtle hints over the course of season 6 that Carlo’s estimation of Tony, as a man, just plummeted.

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