Recovery in Destiny 2

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3y Oct 7, 2017

Recovery dictates how quickly your Guardian's life and shields will recover after breaking into the red zone near death. You all know the moment we're talking about. In the middle of a firefight you see the flash and notice your life bar dip into the red, and you're forced flee behind cover for several seconds while your energy replenishes. It can be an excruciating wait. Sometimes you miss out on a kill, and sometimes you just have to wait for someone else to find and kill you.

High-level recovering ensures that you can make it back out into the fight sooner than later, and this is perhaps the most significant stat you can invest in if you like to play in the Crucible. YouTuber Fallout Plays put together a really neat stat comparison video, and I've taken his recovery comparison clip and embedded it in gif form for you below. See for yourself how much faster high-level Recovery will get you back into the fray:

The advantage for high-recovery players is undeniable, which is why we recommend stacking points in Recovery above all other stats -- especially for those of you who love the Crucible (like I do).

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