August 2019 Q&A - Finland Edition w/Jari Laine (CEO of Varusteleka) Part 1 of 2

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1y Aug 26, 2019

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Table of Contents

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0:58 Chadi: how open the Finnish shooting community is to foreigners?
4:01 Hunter N: Would a US infantry platoon or Russian infantry platoon come out on top in 1989?
6:53 Tim K: Does the winter war have as much meme status in Finland?
9:08 PHILLIP DOUBLE U: What do you off of work that you find mentally stimulating yet enjoyable?
12:07 Gary Y: What is your favorite piece of kit? One from Varu, and one non varu.
15:40 Oliver N: Karl - have you tried the mdr with the suppressor handguard?
16:43 Bjorn B: Trying to find Norwegian related surplus items is next to impossible. Why?
18:57 John G: What item have you guys sold at Varusteleka that you found the most interesting?
21:05 DandyEcho: What kinds of flora and fauna do you encounter where you live, and do they ever cause problems?
24:34 Thomas P: What is the public perception of Larry Thorne (Lauri Törni)?
27:04 Heath L: Karl - how to find matches in my area?
27:50 Anthony H: Finnish gun laws, particularly regarding Barrel Length, international Firearms Licenses (non EU).
35:29 Robert T: effective training methods for shooting sports? Finnish military training: does it help, do methods differ from Merica?
41:12 Eric L: How would Finland change their weapons/equipment for a protracted conflict in a desert or jungle?

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