Is the paper silver market starting to unravel?

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5m Feb 22, 2021

The longer you’ve followed silver, the longer you've known that at some point the price was going to have to move higher. And probably by a lot.

At this point, this is by far the most intense I have ever seen the situation in the 12 years I've been following the silver market. And fortunately, for this Sunday's open in the far east, I have an All-Star cast of silver experts joining me to talk about what they’re expecting in this crucial week.

Bill Murphy, Dave Kranzler, Andy Schectman, Rafi Farber, David Stein, Lawrence Lepard, and more!

So to find the kind of insight into the silver market that Wall Street wouldn't be able to locate with a roadmap and a compass, click to watch this important roundtable discussion now!

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