2016 Red October AK Championship Match - Jim Fuller Interview

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4y Nov 16, 2016

InRangeTV has been promoting the Red October AK Championship match since its inception a year ago and it did not disappoint!

This match turned out to be far more than just a match, it was literally an event - a celebration of not only the AK, but a festival of American shooting culture with competition that fostered a positive & encouraging environment. We are certain it is the start of something big and it is going to have an important legacy.

This sort of fantastic thing doesn't happen by accident, it requires the support and hard work from the kind of people who put this together - the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range team with sponsors like Rifle Dynamics and Jim Fuller. Rifle Dynamics put its full weight behind this event - their name, their reputation as well as a number of highly desirable Fuller rifles were on the prize table.

Jim's company, Rifle Dynamics, combines American can-do-anything attitude & quality with the Russian practicality and attributes of the Kalshnikov to make what are some of the finest rifles in the world.

Let's kick off this ROAK match series right by interviewing the main sponsor and man who helped launch this new event.

If you're interested in acquiring the best AK money can buy, literally made by magical elves (Fuller & his crew), please visit Rifle Dynamics here:

For more information about the SUPS range in Utah: https://southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com/

ROAK match information: https://southernutahpracticalshootingrange.com/rok/

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