Debunking the Reconquista Myth | Dr. Paul Sturtevant | Dr. Amy Kaufman

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9m Dec 21, 2020

In this episode the passionate scholars Dr. Sturtevant and Dr. Kaufman superbly and necessarily take on one of the most propagandized, mythic and misconstrued topics in Medieval history known as the Reconquista also known as the Spanish / Portuguese Reconquest of Medieval Iberia.

Today a variety of extremists and amateur historians use this concept as a long enduring struggle between "Indigenous Christians" and "Foreign Muslims" in which after hundreds of years Christianity triumphed and most of Iberia was united.........

As appealing as this narrative may seem to many people, it is simply false.

Yes, there was a Muslim conquest of Iberia in 711 and yes, there was a Christian conquest of al-Andalus which ended in 1492, but aside from these basic facts, the “Reconquista” narrative is far too simplistic, overlooks key aspects of the political and cultural history of medieval Iberia, and is largely a historiographical construction that gained currency during the early years of the Spanish empire in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Obviously, there is a lot more that needs to be said on this issue, but this is not the place. It is merely important to underscore that this paradigm is very problematic.

Description above by the academic Ballandalus website.

What this heavily mythicized history leaves out is that it is not black and white... it isn't US V. THEM..... It was complicated with Christian and Muslim Kings striking fluid alliances with each other for individual dominance and gain, hybrid cultures such as Arabic speaking Christians, and soldiers of differing faiths fighting along side each other against those of whom shared the same faith... and in a world of constant change we also have minorities like the Jewish communities attempting to make their way in an often calm environment interrupted by brief occurrences of upheaval.

Iberian history is complicated, all history is complicated but that is the beauty of history and complicated society.

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Dr. Paul Sturtevant.
Website: www.paulsturtevant.com

Academia: https://si.academia.edu/PaulSturtevant

His first book "The Middle Ages in Popular Imagination: Memory, Film, and Medievalism", which lays out a study he did of what people "know" about the Middle Ages, and how they learn about it (especially through consuming pop culture).

The "Race, Racism and the Middle Ages" series at The Public Medievalist: https://www.publicmedievalist.com/race-racism-middle-ages-toc/

Check out The Public Medievalist here: https://www.publicmedievalist.com

Dr. Amy Kaufman
Website: https://www.amyskaufman.com/

The Devils Historians Website: https://www.devilshistorians.com/

An article she did involving ISIS, Terrorism and History.

Academia: https://independent.academia.edu/KaufmanAmy

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