BJJ Black Belt Requirements by Roy Dean | Full Movie

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1y Mar 22, 2020

For all of you at home looking for motivation, here's one to study. Even if you're a beginner or intermediate student, watch this video to understand how to climb the mountain of technique that's in front of you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sophisticated and powerful art. It is an investment in your health, willpower, and personal development.

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Roy Dean is a jiu jitsu expert, with black belts in Judo, Aikido, Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With over 25 years of experience, he can transmit insights into the art that will revolutionize your understanding.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 What Does It Mean To Be A Black Belt?
03:30 Lesson 1: Stand Up Lesson
10:45 Lesson 2: Tripod Sweep Lesson
16:26 Lesson 3: Closed Guard to Wrist Wrap
26:16 Lesson 4: Top Side Attacks Lesson
35:58 Lesson 5: The Backstep Lesson
42:42 Lesson 6: Straight Armlock Lesson
50:42 Lesson 7: The Americana Lesson
59:12 Lesson 8: Armdrag / 2 on 1 Lesson
1:09:09 Lesson 9: Triangle Choke Lesson
1:20:42 Rolling Analysis with Big D
1:39:12 Neil Thompson Brown Belt
1:56:58 Byron Higinbotham Purple Belt
2:15:03 RDA Gracie Worlds 2013
2:19:37 White to Black | The Kimura


Roy Dean is a martial artist and acclaimed instructor, with black belts in Judo, Aikido, Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


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