The all-new BMW 3 Series. Official TVC.

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1y Mar 20, 2020

The BMW 3 Series stands for leadership towards the future. It has modern clear-cut lines, contours and technologies that speak to its cutting-edge quality. A new design language is communicated by its optimized aerodynamics, the glass roof with a slide and lift function and its sporty proportions. Among the many innovations included in it are new shock absorber machinery, laserlight headlights that reach nearly twice as far as conventional ones and a digital key in the form of the Connected app on your phone. The large-surface screen grouping of the instrument cluster and Control Display as well as a wide selection of driver assistance systems make the drive smooth and effortless. With its clear surface layout and driver-focused cockpit, driving pleasure was never so easy to have.

Through energy and dance, this TV Commercial conveys not only the many features of the BMW 3 Series, but the joy and passion that it embodies.

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