AZ2G - Pistols Only - Stage 2 - Bear Crawl

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4y Dec 31, 2016

Stage 2 - Bear Crawl - A mixture of crossfit and pistol shooting. Why not?

This is a pistol only stage, so we'll be back to the rifles and optics in the next one. That said, it's still an interesting drill that emphasizes physicality and pistol shooting at the same time, so check it out!

AZ2G is a new match that has started recently at Cowtown, Peoria, AZ: http://www.az2gun.com/

The DNA of this match is very similar to that of 2G-ACM, although with different scoring and divisions.

This 4 stage series will culminate in reviews of the Holosun & Vortex magnifier as well as the East German 4x ZFK.

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