The Artist - I CREATE. I MIQRO.

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2y Sep 13, 2018

https://www.davincivaporizer.com - His passion of saving the ocean is what drives Ruben to create stunning art using trash he finds by the beach. His MIQRO vaporizer helps him to be on a creative state and allows him to produce such masterpieces.

Ruben is from California and we interviewed him about how he started creating art using recycled trash he finds by the beach.

He lives close to the ocean and he constantly sees trash. Instead of just being passive about the problem he sees, he picks up these trash, brings it at home to later create his masterpieces.

He uses his MIQRO vaporizer to inspire him on what art he can transform into using the trash he picks up by the beach. Proof that you can use the MIQRO to microdose your herb and enjoy the benefits of it to help be inspired and accomplish your projects.


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