InRangeTV Podcast for Patrons!

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4y Mar 3, 2017

We heard that you'd like to listen to some of our long winded diatribes while in your car, or plane, or in a dark alley, and we listened.

Any content that is truly viable as an audio only format (Q&As, interviews, etc) will also get published as a podcast format accessible directly from the Patreon page or via a RSS link for all our Patrons.

This means you simply plug the RSS link into your favorite podcast thingy and boom. Done. Listen to us rambling at 2x speed while on your way to the local shindig.

Thank you again to everyone who supports us, Patreon or otherwise!

About InRangeTV

InRange is an online video program dedicated to the study of guns, shooting, gun culture, and history. We dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.


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