ACTUAL Life Hacks VS NOT Actually Life Hacks

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1y Aug 7, 2019

Not all life hacks are actually considered useful, Some "Genius" Life hacks can be in fact down right dumb, So i'm gonna inject some much needed honesty into the life hack community by talking about the 10 worst common life hacks from your home and beyond I've come across on youtube,
Hacks such as:
Toilet roll speaker.
CD Spindle Bagel Box.
and using Cola to clean anything.

and also giving you 10 actual life hacks and crafts that actually work and are worth your time.
That include:
How to quickly make a warm drink cold.
Get rid of wrinkles in clothes without an iron.
and how to craft a lint roller in about 10 seconds
and so on...

I actually very much enjoyed making this video weirdly, Though I apologize about the music but I won't be taken serious as a life hack channel if I don't use it you see.

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