I Thought I Poisoned Them (Story Time #1)

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10m Nov 10, 2020

The Murder Hornets Are Taking Over - https://youtu.be/CwTmOi6edpE

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zippy1776 @zippy1776 10m 10 months ago

You are a huge piece of shit. "Asshole back in the day" - you can take "back in the day" out of that whole thing. The fact you think this story is anything remotely close to something you should be bringing up in public just shows how bad of a person you are. That is not a prank and you should be in jail. Chlorine gas usually causes irreparable damage to the lungs.

You spending so much effort to talk about how "weird" your victim was is detestable. You are the piece of shit person who nobody ever taught right from wrong. You are the "weird" one and what you did should have you in fucking prison, not being able to make videos about how you think potential negligent homicide or manslaughter charges are fucking entertaining. Satire is one thing. Straight up admitting you heard how something can hurt people and then went right out and did that AND subjected not one, but at least 2 people to such a thing is not satire. It's psychopathy. I'm pretty hard to offend in a majority of situations, but outright hurting people IRL and STILL thinking the event is something to approach lightheartedly for entertainment & potentially revenue-generating content purposes is a seriously fucked up thing to do.

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sygnal @sygnal 10m 10 months ago

Interesting, firstly all individuals that I spoke of are fine with me making this video. One of them are even shown to be speaking here, the other was fine with me talking about them like that. I get that you want to sound like a smartass on a small vid, but atleast watch all the way through. Been pranked worse than this tbh, had straight up bleach put into my water bottle before this. Was going to an all boys school with bad monitoring of what the student are doing. I already admitted that what I did was wrong, and personally would never do something like this again. But to say I deserve jail time? Ight bro, u smoking crack. I was 15 at the time 😂😂

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