Trump v Biden Debate Review

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11m Oct 1, 2020

The debate last night was mostly a disaster in the sense that it didn’t actually serve to inform anyone of anything, though perhaps that is a high hope for a debate altogether at a time when virtually everyone is already decided.

That said, I think Trump blew an opportunity to deal a decisive blow to Biden. I don’t think this was a good debate for Trump.

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The main reason is that his own relentless attacking and obnoxiousness overshadowed the very good points he was making. I expressed concern about in my preview video yesterday that Trump struggles to contain his own tendency to be obnoxious and overbearing. There’s a place for that, but it has to be honed in the right way. In Trump’s case, I think it was too much and it just comes across as insufferable and off-putting to many regular people. All he has to do is show a little bit of restraint and let Biden talk, especially since Biden is prone to sound like a confused old man the more he is allowed to speak. More importantly, when you deal a blow, you have to give it some time and some silence to let is sink in. It’s like Trump would do all the work of trapping Biden in indefensible positions or lies, but then not let the American people take it in. For example, Trump rightly called out that Biden was dodging the question of whether he would pack the supreme court. Biden flatly refused to do it as a deliberate tactic to cause moderates to think he won't and leftists to think he will. Anyways, Biden was clearly refusing to answer the question. Trump correctly pointed this out, but rather than throw the punch and then step back, he continued aggressively to the point where his very valid point is overshadowed by the theatrics of his aggressiveness.

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