Sony A7R IV hands on...for video!

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2y Jul 19, 2019

On Tuesday I flew over to Dublin for a Sony press event. As with all of their press events you never know what they will be until you get there. Most times they are for lenses but every now and then a new body is released.

There was a strong feeling that this could finally be the A7S III...sadly it wasn't. What it turned out to be was in fact an unexpected new flagship A7R camera. The A7R III is my favourite all round stills/ video hybrid camera so a new generation of this could be something special for me. The next step for video in these cameras is without question 10 bit internal recording and 4K 50p/60p. Did we get it?

Pre-order the Sony A7RIV here: http://bit.ly/sonya7r4
Buy the new Film Convert "Nitrate" here: http://gopb.co/filmconvert

Featuring Kai Wong: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCknMR7NOY6ZKcVbyzOxQPhw

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