The Miracle Valley Shootout: Rural Cops Vs Chicago Cultists

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5y Jun 12, 2016

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Miracle Valley, Arizona is a mere 8 miles north of the Mexican border, wedged on highway 92 between Sierra Vista and Tombstone.

In 1959, a traveling tent revivalist preacher named A.A. Allen was gifted ranch land and he based his ministry there as his HQ, reaching out through via radio, travel and eventually TV to spread the word of his ability to heal and, uhm...resurrect the dead.

One of his followers moved her Chicago based pentecostal cult like church to this same location in 1978 after A.A. Allen's likely alcohol related death in 1970.

Four years later, after an accidental bomb explosion, multiple riots, one shootout and at least four deaths later, this cult mostly moved back to Chicago...

This is that story.

Want to know more? We recommend William R. Daniel's book: Shootout at Miracle Valley: http://amzn.to/1Ylox1m

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