Why Choosing the Right Thumbnail on YouTube is So Important

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2y Jan 23, 2019

You need to understand why choosing the right thumbnail is so important:
Optimizing your thumbnails on YouTube is so important: Ranking for competitive search terms is the #1 priority, but great thumbnails are priority 2. A great, clickable thumbnail will not only help more people click your video but having a great clickthrough rate is very important as well. I've been working on getting mine to rise. You'll want to make them 1280x720 or 1920x1080. When I was starting out I wasn't creating customized thumbnails which would impact it, and people who've seen you before are more likely to click on your videos, so getting a larger audience will help as well. It's worthwhile to research what other people are doing for their thumbnails, that can provide quite a bit of inspiration.
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