2G-ACM Shotgun Special Event - Stage 1 & Introduction

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5y May 23, 2016

While our two gun match's emphasis is on the rifle and pistol, that doesn't mean the shotgun should be entirely excluded.

It is the 2G-ACM match director's opinion that many other practical shooting disciplines are at least partially guilty of the disdain now seen amongst many modern shooters in regards to the shotgun as still viable weapon.

The shotgun is the most "gamey" of the guns in many other disciplines, with unrealistic and field-unworthy reloading gimmicks aligned with stages designed to make those frequently impractical devices practical.

Occasionally the 2G-ACM crew will throw together a special shotgun/pistol event that we have has scoring, rules and stage designs that again make the shotgun a practical long arm worth practicing with.

We've broken this match into 4 separate videos so we can provide insight into the rationale behind the stages, the scoring and the guns individually.

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