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2m Feb 12, 2021

Making salami at home can be challenging at first - and we've found that the learning curve can be steep. But we've also found that when we get it right homemade salami is very rewarding. This is our first time making dry cured fermented salami at home, and we didn't do so well... but we've identified how we failed, and how to make it better next time.

1500g pork butt / Fat 80/20
37.5g salt (2.5% of the weight of the meat)
3.75g cure #2 ( 0.25% of the weight of the meat)
6g dextrose (0.4% of the weight of the meat)
4.5g fennel ground ( 0.3% of the weight of the meat)
4.5g black pepper (0.3% of the weight of the meat)
8.25g garlic (0.55% of the weight of the meat)
6g red pepper flakes (0.4% of the weight of the meat)
82.5 mL dry red wine (5.5% of the weight of the meat)
2 beef middles
Starter culture amount varies according to what starter culture you use.
Mold culture amount varies according to what mold culture you use.

Mix starter culture in distilled water and let rehydrate for 30 minutes
Grind chilled meat and fat with a 6mm plate.
Mix the meat and spices in a stand mixer adding the wine as you go.
Add in the dissolved starter culture and mix until sticky.
Stuff into beef middles, saving a small amount of stuffing to test pH.
Prick any spots where you see air bubbles, brush with mold 600, and record your salami weight.
Ferment for 12- 24 hours at 75F-85F in 80%-90% humidity until the pH of the sausage reads between 4.9-5.2. After you reach your target pH, brush with dissolved mold culture and place in a drying chamber chamber.
The conditions need to be 55ºF and 80% humidity until desired weight is reached.
I target 30-35% weight loss.

The problem is called dry ring/case hardening.
It’s caused when either the air flow is too much or the humidity is too low and the salami loses moisture on the outside faster than it loses moisture on the inside. It causes a “dry” ring to form on the outer layer prohibiting the inner layer from drying evenly.
This Dry Ring happened in my makeshift 'fermentation' chamber. These two sausages were hanging too close to the heat source in the chamber; so I'll be making some changes next time.

Two Guys and a Cooler:

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