Basic Drawing Skills: Draw with Curves

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4m May 18, 2021

Pencil drawing for beginners: In this easy drawing tutorial video I show beginners how to draw with curves by learning basic techniques in a simple step by step approach. The art tutorial is designed for complete beginners to drawing and makes it easy to draw. With curves you can draw a lot of objects very simply such as; ribbons, flags, grass, cliffs leaves etc. I shall show you stage by stage how to create each of these items by sketching the basic outlines and then using a 4B pencil to shade in the detail.

I also explain how by shading horizontally you can make a surface look flat and can make a surface look vertical; by shading up and down i.e. vertically. I also provide links to other of my art tutorials that explain and draw the items in much more detail.

For more art tutorials designed for beginners and those more experienced at drawing and painting, plus hints and tips - visit my website.

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