BLOOM VLOG: Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K review

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5y Jul 7, 2016

Please visit the full blog post at www.philipbloom.net/blog/ursa for native clips downloads and more!

This video review was done with the firmware supplied with the rental camera. There is newer firmware which improves on many of my operational issues with the camera that is coming out soon. So please take this into account when watching my complaints as many of them look like they have been hopefully been addressed.

Yes I said I would never do them again and that is more or less the case still. Well sort of...I am trying something slightly different. My first review was in 2008, the Sony EX3 and to my last one in 2015 was the Sony FS7. I stopped because they were financially crippling with the amount of weeks put into each one and with no sponsors and donations never working.

I tried tip jar on vimeo (which is gone) and other ways of donations but despite huge numbers of views comparatively the amount donated was sadly barely enough to cover half a day's work.

I haven't completely given up on "reviews" as such though...my new vlogs will occasional have a focus on a new piece of kit or camera...and here we are. I have made one all about the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K and it is in reality quite similar to my old video reviews. It is 44 minutes long after all!

As I am not really able to work due to my bad back injury I need to keep creatively busy or I will go mad, even though these are not sponosed either so they are done for free to hopefully entertain and give information that might be useful. I have included a donate button below in my blog post at www.philipbloom.net/blog/ursa if you feel generous and especially feel you have gotten some value from this. Not working means not earning money so it is gratefully received.

Don't expect the same level of polish, variety of shots or in-depth long-term thoughts as these are quickly made with short periods of time with the camera. Although this one was still a good 4/5 days of work . They won't be as finessed in editing either, hence the vlog style umbrella.

Don't forget to visit the blog post linked at the top for all those native clip downloads and more!

Music credits at end of video.

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