What is fatwa in Islam ? इस्लाम में क्या होता है फ़तवा ? Seriously Strange

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2y Oct 22, 2018

Fatwa is when a learned religious leader issues a verdict on a matter that is not clear.
Fatwa means the ruling in Shariah according to a particular school of thought or particular Mufti.

More than 95% of Shariah is same according to all Muftis. The remaining 5% differ because of acceptable interpretations of Quran and sunnah.(also known as Qiyas or Ijtehaad)

One need not compulsorily follow all fatwas but if you are taking the fatwa in one matter from a school of thought, then it makes you follow all fatwas of that school.
A #fatwa in itself holds no weight unless it's backed up with clear references from the #Quran and rigorously authenticated sayings or actions of the prophet Mohammed, and justifications. Without these references a fatwa is invalid. #islam

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