Langrisser Wonderswan – Bite-Sized Fun

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4w Apr 17, 2021

If you love Langrissers 1/2, then this is a great little game to play. It's more similar to the first two Langrisser games than... just about any other entry in the franchise.

Songs used:
"Player Phase 1" from Langrisser Dramatic Edition
"Track 11" from Langrisser 1 (PCE version)
"Requiem Lushiris" from Der Langrisser
"Legend of the Crystal" from Langrisser 4
"The First Fight" from Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance
"Toad Island 1" from LaTale
"Staff Roll" from Der Langrisser

Taskbar video (Sharif don't right click!): https://youtu.be/WEWG6kSYqlY

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