#Silversqueeze Expert Panel: Chris Marcus, Andy Schectman, Robert Kientz, Patrick Vierra, +more

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5m Feb 13, 2021

We've seen the most demand in 30 years for silver at Miles Franklin in the last two weeks. An all-star list of reporters in the metals space joins us to discuss the unprecedented:
#SilverSqueeze. #gotsilver

More information about the precious metal manipulation debate:

💰Andy Schectman: http://MilesFranklin.com, https://youtube.com/MilesFranklinCo?sub_confirmation=1
💰Chris Marcus: http://ArcadiaEconomics.com
💰Frank Holmes: https://USFunds.com
💰Jay Taylor: http://JayTaylorMedia.com
💰Lobo Tiggre: http://IndependentSpeculator.com
💰Patrick Vierra: http://youtube.com/SilverBullionTV
💰Robert Kientz: http://GoldSilverPros.com
💰Tavi Costa: http://Crescat.net

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Introduction
1:09 Andy Schectman
6:26 Frank Holmes
11:15 Jay Taylor
13:39 Robert Kientz
15:14 Chris Marcus
22:00 Patrick Vierra
25:14 Lobo Tiggre
31:28 Tavi Costa

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