June 2019 Q&A Part 1 w/ Deviant Ollam & James Reeves. *Explicit Language Warning*

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2y Jul 1, 2019

This episode contains mature language and content.
Viewer discretion applies.

Sit down with Deviant Ollam (hacker, lock picker, cyborg), Karl from InRangeTV and James Reeves of TFBTV on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans for a frank and adult discussion regarding guns, rights, lock picking, history and more.

Part 1 of 3:
Daniel B
I have gotten permission to start 2 Gun action at my gun club, Bluewater Sportsmans Association in Port Huron, Michigan. I just need to confirm interest to satisfy our board. Would you plug my details? motorcity2gun@gmail.com to get on the list and get details.

Matthew B
Do you see Desert Tech coming out with more caliber conversions for the MDR? Such as .300 Blackout, 6.5, 6.8, etc.

What is your opinion about those who gear up and play airsoft against each other? It is nornally looked down upon or even ridiculed in the gun community, so I was wondering what your guys opinions about it are.

Mattia S
I remembber you guys weren't fond of bullpups for a number of reasons. Is your general opinion about bullpups still the same?

John G
Hey Guys! One for Deviant: What’s the most “crude but effective” physical security measure you’ve encountered professionally?

Best security improvement to an apartment door, in which heavy modification may be frowned upon.

Brodie K
Even though the T48 was a better choice, do you see the adoption of the M14 instead as necessary to get to the AR platform?

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