InRange - AZ2G Nov 2016 - ZFK Holosun - Stage 4 & Conclusions

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4y Jan 1, 2017

Stage 4 - Push the nearly unmovable sled through the sand first, then get to the rooftop prop, get on the roof, load your rifle and engage three long range targets from that terrible position multiple times. Don't time out!

We follow this stage four with final conclusions about the match, the rifles, and the optics.

This is where the rubber hits the road with both of these configurations. How will the ZFK do? Does a magnifier really help at these distances with a red dot? Let's find out!

AZ2G is a new match venue that has started at Cowtown, Peoria, AZ: http://www.az2gun.com/

The DNA of this match is very similar to that of 2G-ACM, although with different scoring and divisions.

We used this new match as an opportunity to pit a AK74 with a East German 4x ZFK scope against an M4 with a Holosun HS503G & Vortex 3x magnifier against each other in competition.

The goals are to discuss the rifles as well as the optics using competition as the testing ground.

This 4 stage series will culminate in reviews of the Holosun & Vortex magnifier as well as the East German 4x ZFK.

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