Andy Schectman: How High Could The Silver Price Go

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1m Aug 2, 2021

While it is becoming increasingly common knowledge that the price of silver has long been suppressed below it’s true fair value, what is less often discussed is just how far out of line it actually may be.

And to find out why the upside might be even greater than you think, click to watch this timely call with Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin now!

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Andy Schectman: How High Could The Silver Price Go

With the debt ceiling looming and while we are in the midst of a hyper inflation campaign and the paper silver price being routinely smashed, what is going on with the physical silver and gold markets?

Fortunately Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin is here to give us his insight into the current price of Silver and the premiums, and where they are heading.

So click to watch the video now!

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