Relaunch in HD: What ain't necessarily so about the M1 Garand

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4y Sep 2, 2016

Part of our ongoing program to re-upload as many of our best early videos as possible in HD quality... Well, as HD as the camera and lighting conditions permit...

You'll Never Believe What The Bloke Does With An M1 Garand!

Bloke on the Range blokesplains certain bits of received knowledge about the M1, and how they ain't necessarily so.

Also packed full of handy tips, like how not to get your thumb caught in the action.

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Firearms history, blokesplaining firearms mechanics, mythbusting, shooting sports and kitschy sketches all in one place. An often dry and sarcastic look at whatever takes the Bloke's and the Chap's fancy in the world of guns and shooting.


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