Shadow of Spider-man Part 2

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5m Aug 6, 2021

Part 1 and part 2 are "Episode 1" of the Marvel Oasis. Part 2 and Part 3 are "Episode 2" of the Marvel Oasis.

The split into 4 parts was for the sake of convienece

Shadow of Spider-man (this is part 2 of 4)
Lead Writer: Christopher Ridgeway
Additional Writers: William Reeg and Boone Jordan

Cast (narrator will say all of this verbally at the end of each video, but will only need to be recorded once):
Joshua Worththington (aliases Black Wraith and Azure Spider) voiced by Christopher Ridgeway
Brandon Worthington (Alias Shift) voiced by William Reeg
Robert Schutlz (Alias American Hurricane) and Venom Symbiote voiced by Andrew Mallin
Michael Evans (Aliases Necro and Carnage) and the Carnage Symbiote voice by Boone Jordan
Nobody (His Alias without a name) and the Riot Symbiote voiced by James Newman
Kimiko (Alias Black Wraith) voiced by Danielle Smith
Benjamin Parker (Alias Spider-man) voiced by Taylor Joseph
Obsidian and the Scream Symbiote voiced by Anajoe Skylark
Oliver Worthington (Alias Nova) voiced by Jerome Gardner
Jermaine Williams (Alias Velocity) and Victor Von Doom voiced by Greggory Dechert
Jolt voiced by Andrew Bloch
Minor Robot woman and newscaster voiced by LadyTheta
Narrator voiced by Marcus Ryans

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