The hypothetical TRUTH about the 1 inch sensor

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1m Jun 2, 2021

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All video camera sensor are inaccurate in their naming no what their size. They are based on historical naming, not their physical measurements and that includes 35mm as that is based on the entire width of film including the perforations, the width of film that is used is 24mm.

In the video I go explain how the inch measurement and all it's fractions came about, why they still use it, how they equate to real physical dimensions and why I think it is time to come up with a new system. I also take the Insta360 One R One Inch edition and turn it into an interchangeable lens camera to show just how powerful a 1" sensor can be and why it is time for a camera like this to exist.

Funny fact! I totally forgot about the Z-Cam E2G which has a 1” CMOS sensor with global shutter and MFT mount. The funny part is I have one! What a muppet! 😂

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