The Central Middle Ages: The Salian Dynasty

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2y Apr 13, 2019

This part of the story begins with the collapse of the Saxon Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and the rise of the Salian Dynasty. From conflicts with the Papacy, to the various uprisings in Lombardy, Burgundy and Swabia this story points out the turmoil, corrupt politics and violence that dominated the lands that these kings controlled. And if domestic conflicts aren't bad enough it touches on the wars with Poland under Bolesław I the Brave and Mieszko I of Poland. As the Saxon Monarchy crumbles the Frankish Dynasty rises.

The Central Period of the Middle Age 918-1273
Beatrice A. LEES (1858 - 1940)

Beatrice Lees writes that the history of the period of the Middle Ages from 918 to 1273 is that of "a heroic period, the age of feudalism and monasticism, of chivalry and the Crusades." The era opened "with gloomy prospects for Western Christendom. On every side danger threatened" from the Vikings, the Saracens, and the Magyars. But better things lie in store in this little volume as the Capetian dynasty is founded in France, the Holy Roman Empire becomes the political center of Europe under Frederick Barbarossa, the Papacy attains its greatest influence under Innocent III, and Frederick II, called "stupor mundi," the wonder of the world, rules the cosmopolitan Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. - Summary by Pamela Nagami

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