Were the Nazis Socialists? Historians DEBUNK and EXPLAIN

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4m May 2, 2021

Were the Nazis Socialists? A talk by Dr. Eric Kurlander and YouTube Historians Dr. Zar of History and Headlines, Tipsyfish History and the Cynical Historian.

Today in a variety of formats from history groups to political commentaries and beyond to blogs and academic research, we see debates constantly appear involving the National Socialist German Workers' Party otherwise known as the NSDAP (Nazi Party,) and whether or not they were actually socialists?

We see constant claims from "It's in the name," to "they said they were" and "the Nazis were only Conservatives," and that "the Nazis were leftists."

But what is the correct answer? Is it a simple yes or no? Is it more complicated than that?

In this episode we define socialism and proceed to explore the differences between other socialists and communists, we then turn to look at fascism, Nazism and the far right.

We take a look at over a century of academic scholarship and see how "National Socialism" and the Nazi Party has been viewed and how these views have changed and why?

Did the Nazis nationalize industry and natural resources? Was there a link between the NSDAP and Big Business? How did capitalism fair during the rise and establishment of the Third Reich? Was Nazi Germany an authoritarian capitalist monopoly? Were there socialists in the Nazi Party? What set the Nazi movement apart from all the other radical movements during its time? And lastly, how should a general audience view the Third Reich and its political ideologies and policies?

In this episode Dr. Kurlander and several YouTube historians guide you through the questions above and leave you with a clearer picture on a subject that is not only controversial but one that people continue to argue about to this day.

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