Python for Beginners #21 : Nested Conditional Statements

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1m Aug 6, 2021

Hey everyone, welcome back to Python for Beginners course. In this session, I'm discussing nested conditional statements. A conditional statement inside another conditional statement is called as a nested conditional statement.

💠 Chapters:
00:00 | Information
00:09 | Intro
00:15 | Welcome!
00:25 | Introduction
00:43 | Example 1
06:51 | Example 2
09:35 | Converting Example 2 into if-elif-else
11:59 | Thank you!

🐍 Python for Beginners course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUxP1AGu9mNKBo2oE1keHz5NuqhwnCr1q
📚 Link for Learning Resources about Nested Conditional Statements in Python:

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