Democrats Gaslight America Over Jacob Blake Shooting

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1y Aug 26, 2020

Ah...the familiar uproar before the facts are in. Joe Biden released a nonsense statement about the need to dismantle systemic racism and so on. Forget about waiting for all the facts before weighing in on this. No. Joe Biden has to release the most inflammatory statement possible as soon faster than he can say malarkey.

Of course, more footage has now come in and, unsurprisingly, there was more to this story than police brutality and cops hunting down black people. We now know that Jacob Blake physically assaulted the officers before this altercation seen in the original footage. If you only had the first piece of footage, you wouldn't know that. So rather than this simplistic story of "cops shoot unarmed black man in the back 7 times" without any other context, we now know that Blake was a wanted felon, that he is a violent convicted rapist with multiple domestic violence counts against him, he was in the commission of a crime and wanted at the time the cops showed up and he attacked them physically before the altercation shown in the original footage which is why their guns were drawn.

Then, as they are attempting to arrest him walks around his car, opens the door and reaches for something at which point one of the officers shoots him multiple times in the back.

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