WWSD Optics Showdown: Shooting Upside Down

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3y Oct 10, 2017

What better way to test an optic than with a highly unorthodox shooting position like upside down?

Stage 3: Shooting Upside Down!

We've tested the red dot/magnifier combination thoroughly and believe that to be an excellent answer for the carbine - the lack of any eye relief requirement and quick aquisition is unparalleled.

However, we stil have not come to a conclusion about the variable optic. So, in this series of 2G-ACM videos, we're pitting the Trijicon 1-4x Accupoint against the Vortex Viper 1-6x PST.

The Trijicon is on Karl's 14.5" carbine and the Vortex is on Ian's 18" rifle.

The goal of this series of match videos is to determine the viability of both of these optics in CQB as well as ranged engagement, with this match biased towards to the CQB side. We'll also be testing similarly at a future AZ2Gun event which will be biased more towards longer range in the field.

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